Welcome to the website “GLAMOURCHIC”!

People say: “A talented person is talented in everything.” At the present moment I have an unlimited numbers of ideas, knowledge, education, endless enthusiasm and desire to make the world and people around me brighter, extraordinary and unique. Being well-qualified and having a total of nine years of experience in the field of design  I decided to unite my own capabilities and talents and people, who is talented in the field of design in one special place, in the DESIGN HOUSE OF GLAMOUR AND CHIC «GLAMOURCHIC».


Here, with the help and advice of qualified professionals you can:

  • change the interior of your home, apartment, office or create an interior or exterior of any dwelling or public building;
  • update or completely change the design of old furniture or interior parts;
  • change your image, hairstyle, make-up and  a style of clothes;
  • determine what kind of clothes, shoes and jewellery are relevant to you and really fit, which requires additional finishing, and what only takes place on the shelves collecting dust in your closet;
  • buy exclusive decorative elements of the interior (curtains, cushions, blankets, etc.), as well as clothing, both for yourselves and your family members, and for small pets. Original ideas and individual sketches are here for you.

I hope that you will enjoy our site.

I am looking forward to getting new orders and proposals for cooperation.


Irina Ruzanova