Contemporary antique style design is directly related to the culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of design controversy about the concepts of classic style, it still has certain characteristics that should be followed in creating the interior in the antique style: clear geometric forms, atrium – the central space, columns and stucco works, complex colours (a combination of blue and green with ivory, red and gold, black and yellow shades), wall painting with Greek ornament; restrained decor, simplicity and lack of unnecessary details.

To create the antique style of design smooth white, gray or beige columns are placed on the boundary line of the hall. Sometimes they are not only decorative element, but they also support the beams.

The walls are finished with wild stone or with various types of stucco.

 Ceiling and walls are generally covered drawings with mythological scenes and sometimes some paintings of the same topic are added. The floor is finished with stones or ceramic granite

For the floor finishing stones or ceramic granite are used; that shows similarity to the walls in the old days; handmade carpets with ancient ornament are also used here. A room for receiving guests needs to be equipped with fireplace. For the window decoration light and airy curtains made of pleasant fabric are used. Curtains are mainly in light shades: pale-pink, beige, pistachio or blue.

The furniture in the antique style is characterized by rather simple forms, equipped with copper, bronze and silver frame.

Furniture handles and edging are made of copper. Creating the Antiquity style in the interior, three-legged dining tables of trapezoidal shape and three-legged chairs with carved backs are used. The main material for furniture is wood. Armchairs, tables, chairs, wardrobes, bookcases, beds and other furniture items are made from wood. Armchairs are made with curved and saber legs, they are still called klismos. Spacious bed headboard is decorated with brass or silver flower shaped ornaments. The legs are made in the form of animal paws; this carving technique gives the original thread. Wardrobes and bookcases are encrusted with marble, ivory, gold and other precious metals.