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Dear Friends!

      The first news I want to share with you is the opening of the new

House of Design “GLAMOURCHIC”!!!

For the last two years I have been inspired by the idea of combining several design trends, my own ideas and talents, opportunities and people who, like me, do not only appreciate the beauty, comfort, glamour and charm, originality and luxury, but also can create it themselves, making the world around us more colorful, positive and unique. Today I am ready to tell you about myself and my achievements in the world of design.

Why did I call the House of Design “GLAMOURCHIC” …

I’ve always been attracted by a luxurious life style, fashion and elegant dresses, dainty pieces of jewelry and furnishings. Because of these likings my general ideas and the decision to create The House of Design appeared.

I gave it the name GLAMOURCHIC not because of the annoying and boring word glamour, but from the translation into English, taken as a basis words “grace,” “elegant,” “charm” and “fascination”.

 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Glamour (English) – the charm, charisma – the collective designation of a luxurious lifestyle;

Chic (English) – grace, elegance; chic (adj) – stylish, elegant and luxurious.


About Myself

My profession is an interior designer, graphic designer and decorator. Since childhood I have been different from others because of my extraordinary taste and craving for art, painting and the desire to destroy the framework of the standard of dress and interior. I was repeatedly a winner of Art Contests, in spite of the fact I hadn’t got any special education in Art. In 2006 I graduated from Moskvin High School of Design in Tallinn and in 2007 – the Institute of Design at Mainor University. Being the first year student of High School of Design I started working as a private entrepreneur in the field of interior design. For today more than 400 objects have been designed according to my projects. Generally, they are flats, apartments and private houses, but also there are some beauty salons, a public bath and banquet rooms.

I like travelling and I do not accept the limitations in the field of fashion and design. This gives me the opportunity to do what I really love not only in Estonia but also in any other country in the world. According to my ideas and sketches the interiors of dwellings in Ancona (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Moscow (Russia), Riga (Latvia)and some cities in Finland have been successfully done.

During the last two years, in addition to interior design, I have been designing and creating exclusive garments for women and small dogs.  As well, I help my clients to create and optimize their image, style and appearance. Now I am working on the creation of women’s clothing collections. I will be really happy to tell you when and where the show will be held.

I wish you to have a good time on my website and one day I will be pleased to give you some design advice.

With best wishes,

Irina Ruzanova




The 15th DESIGN EXHIBITION Interjöör 2012

The 15th Design Exhibition 2012 was held in Tallinn on April 27-29. The subject of an exhibition were: furniture for living rooms, office furniture, fireplaces and furnaces, bathroom equipment, windows, doors, ladders, carpets, lighting devices, tapestry materials and decor elements, ceramics, mirrors, floor coverings and many other things. The main goal of the Design Exhibition 2012 is to exhibit for the first time new and existing developing projects, to bring together buyers and sellers of apartments, furniture producers and sellers of materials for internal furnish.

It is very difficult to surprise me with something new in this sphere as I am constantly around the world of fashion and interior design. But, after visiting this exhibition, I was really impressed by some stands where, in my opinion, very interesting and original home decoration and furniture were presented.

For example one of these stands presented absolutely fabulous Dutch PTMD collection® brand which was created in 1992 and now is one of the leading brands of the goods for the house in Europe.

PTMD collection® is a brand which is completely directed on creation of design of stylish houses and gardens. Their constantly growing range of innovative products includes distinctive collections of pots, vases in style ethno, candle sticks, funky tableware, cutlery and fabrics, a series of 12 atmospheric paints, a stunning selection of lighting and many other smart and chic accessories for the home.

All these products together, regardless of the material, can create one complete look. This look will provide the elegance to any home, salon, office or garden.